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Citizens cannot afford to sit around in a jail cell for 9 months waiting to prove that they are innocent. James Samples was incarcerated on a false charge, he hired a lawyer that denied him discovery for 3 months (Attorney Shannon Powers), then James had to sell one of his houses, and hire a second lawyer. In total it took 9 months to receive Discovery - 9 months of incarceration just to get the details of the false allegation against him.

The whole time James is locked up on this false charge his child-support payments start getting behind. So even if he fought for a year to be found innocent of a false allegation from Atty. Jennifer Peeler and the false imprisonment by Officer Travis Counts, James would still be locked up for being behind.

In days past, people were innocent until proven guilty. Judges, prosecutors and law enforcement over the years have found a way around that nuisance.

First, they deny the citizen the details of their accusation (Discovery) and then mandate that the citizen accept a plea "bargain" long before they are required to give the citizen the details regarding the allegations against them.  

Next, they deny them their blood pressure medicine..., if someone needs medical attention they put them in a cell where the citizen cannot call their family to anyone on the outside aware of what's going on (James endured all of this), they arrange assaults on that citizen (James endured this also - James wasn't alone in that either),

--- A non-retired citizen cannot afford to do anything other than enter a bogus guilty plea, and try and to salvage their job or their business! How can Master Electrician keep his business running when he incarcerated until proven innocent? Not to mention, Child support doesn't stop while you are incarcerated so even if James stayed locked up, fought and proved his innocence - he would be locked up some more for being behind on payments.

James was a Master Electrician (ME64634) before he had to flee the country to abate the continuous false arrest, assaults...

1.) Officer Travis Counts performed no investigation whatsoever ensuring James' Constitutional Rights are protected, ensuring that James' time with his family and James' ability to earn money is not wrongfully obstructed; prior to securing an arrest warrant,


2.) He conducted himself in a professional manner, performed a thorough investigation restoring the trust that Officers once had.

James created a list of items, that the officer would have gathered had he conducted an actual investigation. James is wagering $10,000 that Officer Travis Counts, Paducah Police Department or The McCracken County Prosecutor's Office - doesn't have a single item listed below.

 A photo that was taken by Atty. Jennifer Peeler or her witness Shea Faulkner

Atty. Peeler and Ms. Faulknner claim that James went to Paducah Bank where Jennifer's office was and was intimidating her. However, I'm willing to wager that neither woman took a single photo of him with their phone. That would seem like a bad bet because Attorneys know the importance of evidence. James wasn't there so 10 Grand wager is safe.

 The video footage from the Paducah Bank

Everyone knows that banks are wrapped in cameras. Peeler and Faulkner claim that James was standing behind her car at her office. If they weren't just wanting to attack James and they wanted to ensure the Grand Jury issued a True Bill based on the facts - Officer Travis would have the footage to show them. Fact is, James wasn't there! However, if I'm wrong I'll shell out $10,000!

 Recordings where Officer Travis Counts Questioned James or His Parents

When an Officer makes a false arrest and subjects an innocent victim to false imprisonment, the officer is careful to not make the victim aware of what the allegations are. If the victim knows what the allegations are before the victim is unlawfully incarcerated then the victim will start gathering evidence proving that the Officer is lying. E.g. had Officer Counts questioned James about his whereabouts, James would have told him that he was on the other side of the county at the Barkley Regional AirPort with his parents. At this point Officer Counts could have questioned James' parents, the guy working the desk at Enterprise Car rental, obtained the DVR footage from the Airport... All sorts of possibilities would have opened up had Officer Counts done his job as opposed to committing the crime of false imprisonment. Fortunately, for James, James still has ample evidence to prove his innocence. It's a shame that James had to enter a bogus guilty plea and immediately flee the country to abate additional false arrest to get this information online.  $10,000 Officer Counts if you can prove that you questioned James, his parents, the clerk at Enterprise, OR the security officers at the AirPort. YOU DIDN'T QUESTION ANY OF THEM - YOU COMMITTED THE CRIME OF FALSE IMPRISONMENT.

 Phone Records / Google Timeline

Millions of people carry their phones without realizing that the phone companies keep records of the signal strength of each tower a phone reaches, A simple request by an LEO and most phone companies will offer triangulation information showing the whereabouts of a particular phone/person at a given time. Even simpler are Google Timeline records. Again Millions of phones with a Google Account automatically track your nearly your every move.   $10,000 says that Travis Counts didn't seek any of these records. Had officer Counts questioned James, James could have instantly provided him with his Google Username and Password and Counts could've seen for himself that Peeler, Faulkner, and now Counts is lying about James' whereabouts at the time of the alleged crime.

 Courthouse video/audio, Courtroom videos, Body camera footage from deputies...

Jennifer Peeler alleged that James made threatening comments against her while he was leaving the courtroom while talking to an attorney and a deputy. If there are any recordings of James directing any threats towards Jennifer Peeler they are worth $10,000. Surely, the 10 Grand is at risk now.

I'll risk the $10,000 pot even more. I bet James has his own recording of the conversations he had upon leaving the courthouse. I bet that Jennifer Peeler's name was never mentioned. I even bet that later when Jennifer accused James over the phone that she knew there were threats made against her James explained to her that any comments that were made were directed towards Billy Waynick in the event James wasn't there, where he could deal with Billy himself. Then when Officer Counts arrived at the Paducah Bank where Jennifer filed a false report saying that James had just been there intimidating/threatening her...

 Jennifer's & Officer Count's Accounts Conflicts with a statement given by a McCracken County's Sheriff's Deputy

Jennifer, Faulkner, and Counts claim that in the minutes following an Emergency Custody Removal Hearing (an attempt to rescue the children from a Sheriff-Established-Sting-Meth-House) James followed Jennifer to her office.

The McCracken County Sheriff's office stated that James left the courthouse and got into a dark-colored car with his parents and left.

Even with this Deputy's report - Counts never questioned the parents...

Was it Jennifer's intention to have James locked up so that he couldn't sue her for the suffering of his children and to abate a malpractice lawsuit? Jennifer wouldn't allow the Dad or Granddad to testify or allow James to present the evidence that he had showed her the day before.

This is the reason that Jennifer Peeler filed a false police report and since local Law Enforcement Officers were responsible for the harm caused to Samples Children - Officer Counts committed the crime of False Imprisonment.

The Paducah Police Department will not take proper action for the crimes committed by Officer Counts and Jennifer Peeler because they were attacking a man that had exposed the criminal acts of local officials.
We've seen entire Police Departments disbanded -  now I bet you $10,000 it's about time to see it again.