You can have all the proof in the World - It won't matter.

There are 120 counties, 57 Circuit Courts, and 95 Circuit Court Judges in Kentucky. Are they all too crooked to see Justice stem from any of them?

If you follow through the "KY corruption" Menu you will find:

  • The McCracken County Circuit Court will accept Perjury against you - James encountered this from Hon. Cynthia Sanderson
  • The McCracken County Circuit Court may refuse to let you testify or present evidence - James encountered this from Hon. Deanna Henschel
  • Even if the Judge is made aware that defendant aka, Judicial Victim is being denied due process, the judge allows it to go on for nine months... - James encountered this from Hon. Tim Kaltenbach
    • E.g. Attorney Shannon Powers withholds Discovery from James Samples for 3 months. James asked the Judge to suspend his attorney and have the Discovery given directly to James. Hon. Tim Kaltenbach should have reprimanded the Attorney for denying the Defendant Due Process. For instance, James could have gotten the video from the Barkley Regional AirPort with him and a timestamp to add to the other proofs that James had. What if the Barkley Regional AirPort was the only proof there was? It would be enough on it's on. Not everyone owns a surveillance company, for most people that would be all the evidence, they would have. Typically after 60 days most DVR's record over their previous recordings.
    • Hon. Tim Kaltenbach knew at this point James Samples had been denied Due Process!
    • Hon. Tim Kaltenbach should have dropped the charge against the defendant and reprimanded Atty. Shannon Powers - Instead it went on for 6 more months.
  • The only thing James could do for his own safety takes the bad deal and get out of the country before they hit him again with another false charge.